Our Story

Jatra was created in year 2000 by artist and musician Anusheh Anadil to highlight Bangladesh’s folk arts and crafts, which continues to inspire her creativity. In the course of the journey the family of Jatra became larger and many creative souls joined in to add to its story. We are proud to be part of a journey that has inspired a generation to value the magic of their roots. Jatra In Bengali Jatra means 'journey'. The people and culture of Bangladesh are vibrant - our journey translates that vibrancy through art, fashion, and lifestyle products. Since 2000, Jatra has designed, promoted, and popularized Bangladeshi hand-woven clothing and handmade craft products. Today through Jatra, innumerable artists and craftswomen and men have had the opportunity to showcase their handmade wonders! We believe in being gentle to our mother earth by using sustainable products that support local communities. We also host other local brands who are adding to the creative story of Bangladesh. Support our talented designers, artists, crafts women and men, by paying a visit to our showroom or purchasing our crafts online. Why handmade? Because in a fast paced machine driven world only handmade connects us to the energy of actual artisans and their personal efforts. By purchasing handmade we value the artistry of their creativity and help keep that skill alive. Why local? Buying local leaves the least carbon footprint, helps small local businesses and boosts local economy. Local also keeps us rooted to the environment around us. We at Jatra believe in the pace of mother earth. Going against the natural creates dis'ease'. We believe in small local businesses working harmoniously rather than the take over of large corporations who monopolize on all our resources.